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 To insure we all have a safe fun time, please share with your guest's prior to our arrival.



·        Please Do not walk behind me, I can not see you back there

·        Always approach me from the front, I can see you better this way

·        I may rub you with my nose, I just want to know who you are

·        I may sneeze, when I do so my whole body shakes

·        A pat on the neck is nice, you have told me I have done a good job for you

·        Always talk in a clam indoor voice, loud voices make me nervous

·        Please do not crowd me, I need my space

·        No running around or near us while I work

·        Wait for an adult to assist you in mounting and dismounting

·        While you are riding me and  wish to get off, ask your handler to stop me first. Please do not attempt to dismount  me while I am  walking                                  

·        Hold on tight to your saddle horn when riding, sometimes I get a fly or bug biting me and I could shake my head or tail

·        Please do not kick, or use noise’s that’ my cue me to go faster.

·        Lastly,  Enjoy your ride!


To check Availabilty, or to Reserve your Special Date: 
 Call or Text: 980-722-8607

We accept all major credit and debit cards

Through PayPal Here

To insure  your date,  and the  time you would like, Please plan your special event at the min. 3 weeks in advance. Janet

Within North Carolina: Serving Charlotte, Gaston County,Hickory, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Moorseville, Lincolnton, Newton, Statesville, Denver, Catawba, Winston Salem and surrounding areas.


To Make a Deposit, or Payment: Proceed to Party Agreement.

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